CRANIAL ENGORGEMENT – Prelude To Horror (MCD) (Digi-pak)


While this Southern California based trio may seem like newcomers to many, but this death metal powerhouse has been well at it for nearly a decade. After a long hiatus, CRANIAL ENGORGEMENT returned reenergized, and undoubtedly claimed their place in the ever growing CA Death Metal scene.

Prelude to Horror marks CRANIAL ENGORGEMENT’s first studio offering in the form of a 4 track EP.

Featuring cover art by Bloodboy Digital Art, Prelude to Horror was recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Garcia (STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION, BLOODSCRIBE) at The Morgue Music Studios in Inglewood, CA.

Track List:
1. Prelude to Horror (Intro)
2. Dawn of The Final Day
3. Conceived into The Suffering
4. Sodomized And Left To Die

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