INTERNAL SUFFERING – Choronzonic Force Domination (Remastered re-issue + 4 bonus tracks)

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Brutal Death Metal from
Official re-issue of Colombian INTERNAL SUFFERING’s now classic 3rd full length album! A highly regarded Brutal Death Metal masterpiece
produced by Erik Rutan at his very own Mana Recording Studios! Includes 4 bonus tracks, revamped layout and full mastering! A legendary
extreme Death Metal opus not to be missed by all true fans of the genre! Originally album was released by Displeased Records in 2004.
New version includes 8-page booklet with lyrics, design made by Aleksey Korolyov. Remastered in 2018 by Digivision Records (Belarus).
Artwork by Toshihiro Egawa. For fans of CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION, ORIGIN and many others.
Re-release includes: new designed 8-page booklet + OBI strip and Pit-Art CD, 4 bonus tracks, all remastered in 2018.

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