LYMPHATIC PHLEGM – Show-off Cadavers – The Anatomy of Self Display (Digipak)


The wait is over for all the demented fans of the old and true GORE
GRIND! Finally the long awaited re-release of the second album by the
greatest Brazilian band of Gore Grind available this time in CD Digipack
with the bonus of the 7 “EP Putrescent Stiffs and Pungent Whiffs and
another unpublished track not included in the original press.
Despite the advanced state of putrefaction, all the cadaverous splendor,
icy and agonizing still waiting for his hands. Live again the nightmare
of a disgusting and morbid pathological experience, and just as the
worms devour the entrails of rot, crawl thru the corporeal cavities and
feel forever changed! 22 tracks

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