NEKRO DRUNKZ-Tyrants of Toilet Music


Debut full length from Oregon’s masters of grinding sleaze metal. 30 tracks of drunk, fast and loud perversion and filth, sure to make your head spin, your ears bleed and your ass sore. In a scene full of redundant grind clones and predictable “brutal” death metal, bands like this should be honored for their direct yet invigorating approach to a tried and true formula. Songs like “Get in the pit and take a shit” and “Reanimated by beer” are a clear indication of the bands humorous yet repulsive view on life. Scum fucks, porno creeps and drunk bangers who rock out to shit like The Mentors, Anal Cunt, Jenkem, Schnauzer, Nekrofilth, Meat Shits, Fornicator and Cemetery Lust will definitely dig this!

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