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Dark Horizon Records and Canada’s Dawning Septic Productions collaborate to re-issue this excellent album on Jewel Case CD with 12 page booklet, song lyrics and esoteric artwork. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.THIS IS COPY #102

OBSCURE DEVOTION have released so far 3 studio albums, of which the newest is the monolithic “UBI CERTA PAX EST”. We are in fact facing a multifaceted reality which has been able to channel in its new opus an outstanding and intriguing mix of black, death and post! By rejecting the idea to fall into abused solutions, the band delivers in full an opus which is daring and experimental. Fueled by a pure “Italian approach” to extreme music OBSCURE DEVOTION set their path for a personal and unique interpretation of the genre.

An album which will take you on a violent journey through death and rebirth! Prepare yourselves to find the place “where peace is assured”! Another amazing release Dark Horizon Records are proud to offer you! OBSCURE DEVOTION deliver an album that is special, unique and worthy of the attention of those dark souls interested in music that scars your soul while illuminating your mind. A great recording with memorable riffs and songwriting. Recorded, mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio, Rome. An excellent band from the Italian underground which deserves your support!

Artwork by ANIMVS.
Logo by C. Szpajdel (Lord of Logos).

1. Meet The Sorrow 01:05
2. Ubi Certa Pax Est 07:26
3. Burning Blades Of Frozen Tears 06:53
4. Dreaming A Dead Home 04:58
5. The Sign Of Pain 06:09
6. On Butterfly Wings 07:45
7. Arrivederci pt. 1 02:39
8. Arrivederci pt. 2 02:10
9. Beyond The Flesh 06:17
10. Last Embrace 02:16


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