S.M.E.S. / TxPxF Split CD


“Analversary Rhymes”
Genre: E-porn-gore
S.M.E.S. a.k.a “Schijten met een Stijve” (translated from dutch it means “shitting with an errection”)
is back with a new split and a shitload of sick Cybergrind/Nintendo-Sound/Goregrind sickness.
The penis behind SMES is Erwin (ex Last Days Of Humanity, Butcher M.D., Kots…)
Teen Pussy Fuckers a.k.a. TxPxFx / Pigtails are mexicans sickest porn-gore-export theese days,
after a shitload of releases in the past, now also on Rotten Roll Rex. Partygrind at it’s best…

01 SMES – Bestiality Is Humane
02 SMES – Blimp Biscuit
03 SMES – I’m A Motherfucker (She’s My Wife)
04 SMES – Come On!
05 SMES – Confessions Of A Serial Miller
06 SMES – Coppornpopcorn
07 SMES – Torn, Ripped, And Eaten
08 TPF – Paris Roxanne Luxurious Ass
09 TPF – Fuck you Bitch it’s not a Joke come drink my Piss then Eat my Cum
10 TPF – Queen of TwAtter, Bitch of Faceboob
11 TPF – Fisted on a Dancefoor (GUT)
12 TPF – My iCock in your iCunt
13 TPF – I’m Addicted to Porn since I’m a little Boy


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