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  • ROT – Nowhere (MCD)

    After nearly a decade of silence Sao Paulo veterans are back with new studio material. 12 new and unreleased songs recorded during the summer 2015 mark the comeback of ROT and their killer, old school grindcore the band has been practicing since 1990!

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  • AGATHOCLES – Commence To Mince

    Belgian mince kings AGATHOCLES return with a brand new 2016 studio album in their plus 30-years period of musical and rock star destruction. 35 raw, nihilistic, short mincecore songs in 34 minutes. Including a cover song of one of the best veteran Brazilian punk bands DESNUTRICAO. Simply put this is top-notch AGx release comparable to evergreen full lengths like "Black Clouds Determinate", "Razor Sharp Daggers" and "Grind Is Protest".
    35 tracks

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    AGATHOCLES – Commence To Mince

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  • BLOOD OBSESSION-Raped And Consumed (2-Sided T-Shirt)

    BLOOD OBSESSION-Raped And Consumed (2-Sided T-Shirt)

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    BONESAW – The Illicit Revue (Digi-pak)

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    CALM HATCHERY – Sacrilege Of Humanity

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    COFFIN DUST – Everything Is Dead

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    COFFIN DUST – This Cemetery, My Kingdom (Digi-pak)

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