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    INTERMENT – Life Here After (MCD)

    Here is the cult 1990 FINLAND – INTERMENT With a MCD release of the demo / 7 ep ‘ LIFE HERE AFTER ‘ recorded in 1990 with ex Funebre guitarist Samppa Haapio, from 1st demo release.
    This CD contains some additional Rehearsal tracks from 1992 as well, recorded before the they disbanded. The rehearsal tracks contain some vocals courtesy from early Funebre vocalist Jari Heinonen from the 1st demo ” Cranial Torment ” demo / or Brainspoon 7 ep “, and ” Children of Scorn ” release.
    Special NECROHARMONIC Mini Length CD with one hard to find classic demo , and some added tracks from this Finnish band who played DEATH METAL in the hey-day of 1990 Finland Death bands.
    The release brings 6 tracks and an outro…Cult layout contains some exclusive photos of the band. and an unreleased interview from DEATH VOMIT fanzine from their unpublished last issue , which was probably also the last band interview…

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    INCANTATION – Unholy Massacre (2x C.D.)

    Ultimate edition of all the early demos from one of the most influential bands in death metal.
    Disc 1 : Contains the original mix of  “Demo # 1 – 1990 ” featuring Will Rahmer from Mortician on vocals and a live soundboard recording with Will, which was recorded in Buffalo, the blasphemous 1st live recording of Incantation with members of Profanatica from early 1990. Also included is the 1st rehearsal demo with Paul Ledney on vocals in its uncut format.
    CD contains 14 Tracks.
    Disc 2 : Contains an unreleased 2 song demo from 1990 with Craig Pillard on vocals and a live 8 song soundboard from New Jersey with excellent sound. To top it off 7 previously unreleased  pre- “Onward to Golgotha”  rehearsals tracks from early 1991 with original album members including John McEntee , Jim Roe , Craig Pillard and Ronny Deo.
    CD contains 17 tracks.
    This amazing double CD is the most comprehensive early demo discography ever released, by the world most brutal grinding death metal band! Recordings culled from original 1st generation cassettes held over 25 years and unreleased until now…
    Compiled with unseen photographs of the 1st (and only) show with the early line up with the guys of Profanatica. Also included is a massive archive of the earliest show flyers, early logos sketches, and band photos of Incantation never seen by the public…till now…
    Over 30 tracks in all.

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