FLESH GRINDER – Nonima Anatomica (Digipak)


Late at night, the lights of the City of Joinville’s morgue are still
on. Morgue’s “First Call” vehicle came in with several cadavers from
different points of the city, for the satisfaction of the three coroners
on duty… The work will begin!
Between scissors, hand-saws and scalpels, the uncontrollable post-mortem
phenomenons are still the greatest components of the newest Flesh
Grinder’s album! From clandestine graveyards, places where corpses are
left ‘til the mortuary cooling units, Death Metal meets the scatological
onto 12 medico-legal reports signed by morgue experts about cadaveric
vilipend and unsettled forensic practices.
“Nomina Anatomica” will leave you to discover the fascinating and
frightening medico-legal and forensic settings! BEWARE… The next cadaver
upon the medical slab can be you! An essential release for fans into
General Surgery, Carcass, Lordgore, Pungent Stench, Machetazo…

LISTEN: www.blackholeprods.bandcamp.com/album/nomina-anatomica

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