JENKEM-I’m Glad You’re Dead


Discography C.D.
Jenkem was formed in 2008 in the bowels of West Philly and eventually dissolved a couple years later, but not without recording a few demo tracks first, and that is what’s been compiled on this CD released by Vaginal Apocalypse Productions (against all better judgement). The full Jenkem studio discography. 30 tracks total of shit huffing, meat eating, leather wearing, toilet desecrating, porno watching grindcore!
Fans of V.A.P. label mates Nekrofilth, Fornicator, Cemetery Piss, Stab! and Colostomy Filter will take a liking to this for sure.
Contains members of Casket, Vulcan, Hessian and Ashencult.
CD limited to 500 copies!

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