LYMPHATIC PHLEGM – Roughly Excised – Putrefindings, Morbidescriptions and Necrognoses (DELUXE LP VERSION WITH DIE CUT COVER)


14 years after releasing the utterly classic Show-off Cadavers!

This instant classic gets the deluxe vinyl treatment. Housed in a die cut lp cover with a printed insert containing one of the gnarliest gore collages ever assembled + an additional insert with all the liner notes. An absolute masterpiece from Brazil’s total cult goregrind supremes.


“14 years after releasing the utterly classic Show-off Cadavers… formaldehyde still burns the eyes, old scalpels still cut like before and the abdominal fat continues to lubricate the coroners’ gloves. Everything remains intact, cold and macabre like the eerie atmosphere of their old autopsy room!

Celebrating 25 years (1996-2021), the legend is back with its new full-length. An ode to the fascinating universe of legal medicine and forensic sciences with his own trademark that makes Lymphatic Phlegm one of the main and unique names in the world’s Gore Grind history!

Hammers, bone saws, rib cutters, chisels, amputation knives, tweezers, ruginas, pliers, scissors and CORPSES…
Get your copy RIGHT NOW, dress up and proceed to your next cadaveric exam.”

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