Slit C.D. of ultra brutal splatter-Goregrind madness from Brazil!!!
20 tracks of perverse & splattered brazilian gore/grind incl. PUNGENT STENCH cover!
1.Rancid Flesh – Preamable to Forensic Holocaust (Intro)
2.Rancid Flesh – Autolytic Dissolution of Adrenal Medulla
3.Rancid Flesh – Necrosis of Infectious Cervical Nodules
4.Rancid Flesh – Decaying on the Slab
5.Rancid Flesh – Gushing Pus in My Veins
6.Rancid Flesh – Pathologic Holocaust
7.Rancid Flesh – Your Body Is Awash in Disease
8.Rancid Flesh – Engored with Cancerous Phlegm
9.Rancid Flesh – Pernicious Bilge in Pumped from Your Gut
10.Rancid Flesh – Embalmed in Sulphuric Acid (Pungent Stench Cover)
11.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Splatter University
12.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Powerful Necrosis in the Digested System
13.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Apettite for Rotten Ass
14.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Faces of Death
15.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Maggoted
16.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – My Fetish Sick
17.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Torture Sado-Noise Session
18.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – In Advanced Prostate Cancer
19.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Anal Fistfuck
20.Pankreatite Necro Hemorragica – Isto E Olho Seco (Olho Seco Cover)

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