S.M.E.S. / U.V.P. – Split CD


Genre: Techno-Goregrind / E-Grind / Cybergrind

1.Coven Around Eindhoven
2.Wreckage Package
3.Type Whipe
4.Stool Tool
5.Fuck a Duck
6.Make This a Compact UFO
7.Mellons With Gallons
8.Blubber 1 to 4

9.Viscosity Paradise 02:32
10.That Infernal Thing 01:16
11.Sex With the Dead 01:09
12.Sodomizing on the Grave 02:17
13.Green Nebula
14.Bile Through Your Eyes
15.Iron Recipe
16.Flesh and Death Machine
17.Human Resort
18.The Door From Beyond

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