SEMEN – Goreography Vol. 3: Splatter Tracks from the Torture Chamber


1 Staring The Human Decadence
2 Tantric Necrophilia
3 Muerte Y Pandemia
4 Guerra, Hamnruna, Pestilencia Y Muerte
5 Ancient Rites Of Human Flesh Consumption
6 Pre Teen Hard Core (Live)
7 Now Is The Time To Cut Your Cock (Live)
8 Zombie Sexual Attack (Live)
9 Coprophilic Infectious Process (Live)
10 Putrefaction Satisfaction (Live)
11 La Carne Fresca Induce A Una Grotesca Compulsión Sexual (Live)
12 Sex Appeal Madness (Live)
13 Necromancia Insaciable
14 Bang Utot
15 Putrefaccion Cadaverica Interna
16 Sex Appeal Madness
17 Pre Teen Hard Core
18 Orgía Vudú
19 Ethilic Gastritic Implosion
20 Now It’s Time To Cut Your Cock
21 Scatan Ass
22 Coprophilic Infectious Process (Master Version)
23 Cannibal Blowjob (Demo 2009)
24 Pre Teen Hard Core (Demo 2009)
25 Throat Fisting Abortion (Abominable Putridity Cover)
26 Hacked Up For Barbecue (Mortician Cover)
27 Worm Infested Anal (Torsofuck Cover)
28 666 (Brujeria “Demoniados” Tribute)
Compilation of splitsand EPs with additional cover songs.

Tracks 1-3 taken from Guerra, Sambre, Peste y Muerte Tape EP.
Tracks 4-5 taken from Mutilated Judge split originally released on Pro CD-r
Tracks 6-12 taken from Monigo, Urtikaria Anal and Mutilated Judge Live Split EP
Tracks 13-15 taken from Kadaverficker 7″ Split
Tracks 16-18 taken from Waste Mankind 7″ Split EP
Tracks 19-24 taken from Split CD EP with Suppuration
Tracks 25-28 “Covers and Tributes”