GRINDER MAFIA – The First Reich


1 Terror (First Demo, 2002, 99 Songs)
2 Kill The Fags (Full CDr, 2003, 40 Songs)
3 McGyver Don’t Needs Cunts Cause He’s A Superior Man (Single Song, 2003)
4 Papi Chulo: Te Triago El Mmm… (Grinder Mafia Remix Single Song 2003)
5 Breathe (Grinder Mafia Remix Single Song 2003)
6 Italo/Japanese Sweet Sensation Just For This Release (Bonus Track)
This is part 1/4 of Grinder Mafia discography
CD was pressed in China by chinese label Sun Blast Records in a very limited quantity (1000 copies) and coproduced by Morte Secca Records.

More than 600 copies were confiscated and destroyed by chinese government due to its porngraphic content. Very few copies reached Europe and it’s the rarest Grinder Mafia release so far because of that.

The planned full discography in 4 parts has never been completed.

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