Killer comp with a good mix of Death Metal, Deathgrind, old school Death , etc
Track listing:
*exclusive track
1. Obscured Revelations* (one man death metal from the U.S.)
2. Aborning* (brutal death metal from the U.S.)
3. Goremonger* (one man pornogrind from the U.S.)
4. Atomgott (brutal death metal from Germany)
5. Back From Death (death metal from the U.S.)
6. Diluted Mind (old school groove from the Netherlands)
7. Gutted (technical death metal from Hungary)
8. Magguts (death grind from the U.S.)
9. Crepitation (slamming brutal death metal from the U.K.)
10. Bleeding Heaven (brutal death metal from Germany)
11. CUFF (sci fi slam grind from Canada)
12. At the Graves (progressive death metal from the U.S.)
13. Post Mortal Possession (death metal from the U.S.)
14. Exsanguinate (death metal from Canada)
15. Filoforce (old school death metal from Malaysia)
16. Bound by the Grave (old school death metal from the U.S.)
17. Supplication (slamming death grind from the U.S.)
18. Vmthanaachth (avant garde metal from the U.S.)

Total CD time is about 77 minutes.

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