MUCUBELCHING BEATS – The Allstar-project of Mucupurulent & Belching Beats


… Mucupurulent and Belching Beet played covers of world rock and pop stars – AC/DC, New Order, Entombed, Tina Turner, White Zombie, Brutal Truth, Alice in Chains, Ramones…..

BELCHING BEET: Mastered at the Twillight Sound Studios in Karlsruhe (Germany).
MUCUPURULENT: Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered at Grindmaster Flash Studios.

LOVE IS A KIND OF MISTERY (originally performed by Invisible Limits)
OUT OF HAND (originally performed by Entombed)
BREAK AWAY (originally performed by Tracy Ullmann)
THUNDER KISS 65 (originally performed by White Zombie)
I CAN’T STAND THE RAIN (originally performed by Tina Turner)
CHOICE OF A NEW GENERATION (originally performed by Brutal Truth)
YOU SPIN ME ROUND (originally performed by Dead Or Alive)
WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE (originally performed by AC/DC)
WE DIE YOUNG (originally performed by Alice In Chains)
BLUE MONDAY (originally performed by New Order)
DUST TO DUST (originally performed by Misfits)
SALVATION (originally performed by the Cranberries)
CONNY IS A PUNK ROCKER (originally performed as sheena is a punkrocker by Ramones)
ANNEMARIE (originally performed by Extrabreit)
SNAP YOUR FINGERS SNAP YOUR NECK (originally performed by Prong)
WHOLES ARE EMPTY part II (inspired by Violent Femmes)
GREEN MACHINE (originally performed by Kyuss)

Issued under Bizarre Leprous Prod. This Split-CD- Project ℗ 2001/2002
18 tracks

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