MATANZA – Muertos E.P.


Brutal Death / GoreGrind from Mexico!
4 brand new recorded tracks 2015 +
Track 5 are re-recorded, original version is in “Found Dead” full lenght (2012)
Track 6 are re-recorded with new lyrics, the original version is in “Cadaveres EP” (2007) Track 6 are re-recorded with New lyrics, original version is in the “corpses EP” (2007)
Track 7 is a english version of “Muerto” Inglés Track 7 is a version of “Dead”
Track 8 – 11 are recorded Live In Mérida Yucatán México On 11th May 2014 Track 8-11 are Recorded Live In Merida Mexico On 11th May 2014

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