METAKNIFE – Pimple With Pus

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The butchers are back!!! Great mix of Goregrind & Death Metal!
After 5 years of silence……the german cult-goregrinders MEATKNIFE are back!!!
The 2 original bandmembers Matze & Krüger could get 2 new guitarists and a new bass player to bring MEATKNIFE back to life!
The last album is from 2006, but now the sickos are back with their brandnew album “Pimple with Pus” and are butchering their way through the sicko-underground!
The new album is a killer mix of goregrind and death metal with some funny samples!
Matzes vocals sound like they are coming straight from the toilet bowl, Krügers drumming is tighter then ever before and Kevin, Tob & Dominic are showing their skills on the guitars and bass, the soundproduction is awesome too! A fucking great album that should please every sicko out there!

14 tracks including a cover of LIBIs “Copped Up Cohonez”
Tell your friends – THE BUTCHERS ARE BACK!!!

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